What’s New in Lightroom Classic v12.3

Easily remove noise from your images

Easily and effectively remove noise from your RAW images while preserving their fine details with AI-powered Denoise.

A picture of a woman with representation of people mask panel to showcase new Masking capabilities

Make crisp edits using new Masking features

Experience new features in People Mask that allow automatic selection of Facial HairClothes, and more. Additionally, the Masking capability now supports Curve to make precise local adjustments for a sharper look.

Toolstrip on a edited photo of a person doing yoga, showing dots under the tools used to signify edit indicator feature.

Quickly identify all tools used to edit images

Keep track of the tools used to make changes easily. With our new eye and edit indicators, just a glance is enough to know which tools have been used on the image.

A circular window with a view of snowcapped mountain and a Photoshop logo to signify the additional edit in Photoshop capabilities.

Edit in Photoshop

Support for newer versions of Adobe Photoshop has been added. You can now import layers as smart objects.

New Camera and Lenses support signified by an image of multiple DSLR's

Support for new cameras and lenses

Find newly added cameras and lenses in the full list of supported profiles. 

People working on a laptop, editing a photo signifying enhancements in Lightroom Classic April 2023 release

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